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"When Charlotte McPherson’s lighting design combined with Driftmier’s minimalistic scenography, something unique and captivating happened as the water’s reflection bounced, shimmied and shimmered around the entirety of the theater, amplifying the movements of the characters and their plights. The close collaboration between Driftmier, McPherson, and Collado was unmistakably apparent in their less-is-more approach to the set. The use of light and water wasn’t a gimmick; it served the story, and never distracted the mind away from the narrative."

Operawire \ Chris Ruel

Praise for La Tragédie de Carmen

La Tragedie de Carmen

Praise for Mary Stuart

"The genius of this timely production strikes most where you least expect it to the untrained eye: the subtle, powerful lighting design by Charlotte McPherson. Bathed in oceans of blue light, Mary espouses serenity. Juxtaposed with Elizabeth’s harsh hues of red, the lighting design sets Mary up as a gentle protagonist, while giving Elizabeth the iron fist backdrop of a ruler who knows her power. However, as the show progresses and we see each of these women vacillate between their feelings of right and wrong, duty and gut, the lines of “protagonist” begin to blur, and we see them in new light—literally—as each has new moments swathed in both warm and cool colors. No small feat, the lighting expertly tells the complex story of these unruly rulers’ sunrise and sunset of loyalties and longings during this chapter of their lives."

Onstage Blog \ Natalie Rine

Mary Stuart 4.jpg

Praise for All's Well That Ends Well

"The production crew—particularly Anna Driftmier (set) and Charlotte McPherson (lighting), and Carsen Joenk’s sound design featuring melancholic strains of Erik Satie that provide both a classical and contemporary feel—should be called out for their ability to take a small stage in a cramped theater just off the Bowery and create a very professional looking production that unfortunately played only briefly (the amount of work involved can only be deemed excessive for so short a run). I can only hope the show is somehow remounted elsewhere in the near future. More people deserve the chance to see this enchanting production of a seldom seen play."

Theater Pizzazz \ JK Clarke

All's Well That Ends Well
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